• 8 good reasons to join us

    1 - Increase your business: As Suspension center you can offer new services to your customers:mount, set up, tune all motorbike forks.
  • 8 good reasons to join us

    2 - Learn tips & secrets about all forks:    Add a new value to your shop learning how to set up Ohlins, Sachs, Showa, Kayaba, Marzocchi, Paioli, WP suspensions.
  • 8 good reasons to join us

    3 - 20 years race support experience:  We will give you the right settings for all the kind of bikes made on the weight of the rider, ride style and rider level (in our data base we have more than 7000 settings).
  • 8 good reasons to join us

    4 - Ready to work You will put hands on oil; our corses have theory and lots of practice sessions to let you be able to exit from here to start making maintenance and tunings on all suspensions.
  • 8 good reasons to join us

    5 - Dedicated training room High tech meeting room with suspension test bench and simulator;  tech room with all tools you need to place maintenance to suspension. More than 300mq of work area.
  • 8 good reasons to join us

    6 - Specific tools for suspension:  A complete set of tools for all your needs: suspension test bench, spring tester, Vacuum pump, tool box.
  • 8 good reasons to join us

    7 - A complete staff for all your needs Our technicians love riding on motorbike. Our techniciancs offer service assistance to team & riders in superbike, motocross, supermotard world championship. You can count on best teachers on suspension.
  • 8 good reason to join with us

    8 - Italian riders and customer care Andreani headquarter is close to Misano ciruict in the land of riders like Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi, Simoncelli, Melandri.

Suspension service first level courses program


 Street bike setup

  • Bikes geometry 
  • The springs, rates, and damping forces.
  • The Link mechanism
  • The suspended weights and not suspended weights.
  • The suspensions, hydraulic front fork and rear shock functions. 

Acceleration, bracking and travel with a passenger

  • Acceleration and Chain forces problem
  • Braking: pneumatic rigidity problem

Schemas and methods to setup the suspensions

  • Measures and adjustment of the spring preloads 
  • Geometry and Dynamics with suspensions: Heights and preloads
  • Run with passenger and bags

Offroad bike setup

  • The SAG (corretc height of the bike depending on ride style and riders weight)
  • The internal functions of the front fork and the rear shock
  • The springs, its specifics, the preload and how to choose the correct one.
  • The LINK, What does it mean and the relations of linkage by different bikes.
  • Rear shock and front fork adjusters, what are these and how do them have to be set up.
  • Chain Forces.
  • Correct maintenance of all suspension components.

 The correct suspension choice

At the end of the Training day, everyone will receive a documentation regarding the discussed arguments.

download suspension center documentation

The second day will be held in the Racing Department where the Andreani technicians will show you how to mount and disassemble, rebuild and set up every kind of suspension  existing on the market.
The program would be:

Mounting and disassembling of a last generation shock and front fork Kayaba, Showa, Ohlins and Marzocchi (Road and Offroad).

  • The friction, how and where to start
  • How to change the preload and setting in compression and Rebound.
  • How to bleed a suspension with dedicated tools.
  • The oil level  


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